Well today is the 17th of November of 2013, and I have decided to start this blog so that I can express myself about some of the awesome games I play! I currently have a lvl 90 Hunter in The Venture Co. I also have a few low level characters and I am working on Pet Battle training. I can’t wait to log in tomorrow, since it is both my anniversary and WoW’s 9th anniversary. I love it how this year it landed on my 18th wedding anniversary though. I have been playing WoW for the past 8 years and I took about a 10 month hiatus because I needed to worry more about school. Love playing Alliance, but I have a few Horde toons since I wanted to experience that side of the world. I say that I am a noob because I have been playing for so long and I cannot explain how a class is better than the other. Everyone has their own opinion as to which class and faction they like and with this I will close this post. ” Watch yer back!” – Female Dwarf