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New Year’s 10 days later… — January 11, 2014

New Year’s 10 days later…

Hello everyone!

I have not posted much since I was going through a rough situation, as being afraid of finding out that my partner, my friend, my husband was cheating. I am happy to say that I think whatever he was planning on doing…I messed it up for him and made him realize that I am not to be fooled with. I try to keep a lot of things to myself and that is what has led me to being away from all of my usual activities. I need to loose myself in my games, since it is the only time that I am not thinking of all the problems that I may be going through. I have been asked to be an admin for a FB page and I have been thinking about it a lot. Who knows, maybe you will see more of me on the net soon enough. I have been taking classes to take two of the most important exams which are Network+ and A+. I have been looking for a job since I can’t stand being without cash anymore. This has all happened in the past 10 days. 

Take care all and see you around!

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New Year —