Hello everyone!

Hope that when you read this post, you are all doing well!

I have been a little busy putting in some game time and trying to get some good gear to end the season with in WoW! I have also downloaded a new game which is Smite and I, as of now (while writing this post), am downloading Diablo III! Also IRL stuff has been happening so I’ve been pretty busy and…….

I would like to personally thank https://twitter.com/nerisanda for nominating me for a Liebster! I will be answering my own questions and nominating some peeps of my own soon, so be on the lookout!

First off, IRL stuff…I am now working five days at my husband’s job for a few hours at night. Some good money making there…lol! I get home so tired that I sometimes don’t feel like playing or doing anything at all. I have almost completed my friend’s baby her booties and I am now making the bows to tie to the front. Otherwise, I have been doing okay and trying to keep this good stuff going.

Now to talk about almost being there…My dear little hunter as you see in the previous post, is almost pretty much geared. I have been working on Raid Gear as well as Season 15 gear. It has not been easy, but the feeling of being there when Garrosh Hellscream was brought down, was so rewarding. This was my actual first time running some endgame Raids. I am pretty amazed at how difficult it was for all the other raid members to kill this guy. Hard to admit that I died twice, but still was part of an amazing team! So I joined my friend’s boyfriend guild and we are setting up some teams for raids, dungeons, and challenges. Wow, Challenge modes, I never thought that I was ever going to be ready for challenge mode with my guild!


Mamaslendy The Astral Walker

Finally, my first Horde toon is 90! The new task will be to gear her up the same or maybe better than Martiinna! It takes a lot of patience, but since the guild I am in at this time is in hiatus…I have to search for a better guild in The Venture Co., Any ideas?

Well this is it for now, since I have so many things to do. Hopefully next blog I can talk about how it’s going on Smite and Diablo III? Of course, after the Liebster Award!