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Lifeless Update — June 11, 2014

Lifeless Update

Hello everyone!

I have been a really bad girl. I have not been writing in my blog, since there is not much to talk about now. I have not been playing any of my games too much since I started working and then my husband decided to get a contract cleaning a couple of restaurants. So now I wake up anytime from 3 am to 5 am to clean one of the restaurants on a daily basis and then get home to sleep and by the time I wake up, I don’t feel like playing anymore. While at my other job, I love watching Let’s WoW Podcast on, Sunday nights, or even Game Of Thrones since it is the latest show that I have been watching. Oh yes, and catching up to Doctor Who Season 7, I believe I am on episode 5….so it has been a bit busy in my life. Kids are finally out for summer vacation and my daughter is finally headed to high school. 

About a month ago or so, I was watching the Child’s Play 24 hour stream by EpicPodcast, and watching Rho from Realm Maintenance, Joe aka Wowmartiean, and MissMedicakes among others was awesome. They had some awesome giveaways and I got away with like four wins…lol. I love those guys and gals that make my week awesome while watching their podcasts or play time stream. I have been trying to stream some of my game play as well, but I am too shy to show people how I really play. When I do get a chance to play, I have been leveling up my Monk, or trying to get my Druid some gear in Timeless Isle. 

Thank you for reading my little silly blog, and see you on Twitter…lots of love to all and please if you are a gamer, either casual or on a more traditional/24 hour type play, if you have not added your name to The Virtual Identity Federation Website, do so as soon as you can! Click on Gamers Directory to take a look at what they are about!