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Lifeless Update — September 10, 2014

Lifeless Update

Lifeless, why lifeless? Well that is how I feel with so much work. I went back to school to take my last two classes in my Bachelor’s program, so that has kept me away from WoW for a bit. I now hardly sleep at night and go to work at 2 am rather than 4 am. This party is getting closer and closer, that I am so excited I will have a whole week off from my other part-time job. Today may be the actual first day that I will be playing some Warcraft, but I still don’t know if to tend to my wonderful farm or just delve myself into Warlords Beta. I have to figure it out because in the next week and a half, I am going to play the heck out of it, since I start class again soon. Ah yes, I can’t forget that I am getting Warlords Collector’s Edition, so that is going to be fun having all of the music and the art. I guess this is it for now, until I have a better view of Warlords from the Beta. 


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