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Party Is Over — October 9, 2014

Party Is Over

So September has come and gone, and so has my daughter’s party. We had lots of fun and most important she had fun.


That’s my princess! She was looking beautiful!


That’s us!
But enough about that!

I have been logging on to WoW for the past couple of days and playing an hour here and there. It’s nice to be questing again and getting my Horde Monk closer to 90 before the xpac. Then again,  I have to work on trying to get a Legendary cloak for my main.

Other than that real life has been taking over and I have not been able to even try Heroes of the Storm Alpha. Anyway that is all for this past month. I am trying to make this a regular blog, but every time I try to post, something comes up. We’ll see how the posts come along this month!