So I know I was going to try to keep up with my posts every week, but I sick at writing about things.

I am tired of sucking at things. I sick at being a wife, being a mom, and work. That’s Just my point of view.

Tonight was a rough night for me. I was taking a nap/trying to sleep since I’m not feeling well when I hear my husband yelling aty 17 y/o son for stupid shit. I am very proud of my son because he wants to serve our country and join The Marines, but my husband or shall I say my roommate, got home a little drunk and started telling my son how his nephew quit the Marines because his grandmother passed away about a month or two ago and let his career go to waste.
My son who has a big heart, but doesn’t let anyone mess with him, was telling his father how he shouldn’t be a jerk and stop telling him things that he knows he won’t do. As a mother the least I want to hear is them fighting let alone his father saying when you leave don’t come back to this house.
I recently stopped working because I fell at work and this person I am married to made me file a lawsuit against the company I worked for. I enjoyed my job, although sometimes I didn’t feel like dealing with the drama there. Well I just stopped working two weeks ago and I haven’t had to ask this person for money to pay my bills, yet somehow it is a threat that I am not working and it needs to be thrown in my face that I am not producing any money when I have nothing to do with the bills he has to pay. I wrap my head in WoW because it is the only place I can go to…to get away from the bullshit I have to deal with here, with mental stress that he puts me through.
I have cried and I want to cry some more, but I don’t want my kids to know that I am depressed for stupid crap because they know I am strong and I can get through this. So many things in my life and so many limitations, I need more strength!

Until next time peeps!