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Life and WoW — January 22, 2017

Life and WoW

Hello everyone! I have been going through some crazy stuff that I have made myself busy working and crocheting in spare time. I am stI’ll active on Twitter and I check Facebook at least 2ce a day to check up on my son. My baby, the one that I played Wow with for years, is in the Navy and away from home. My other baby, my daughter, is in H.S. and doing well with her ROTC group.

I have started going to the gym and I am just walking on a treadmill, but it is something. Three miles a day will help me get rid of weight and diabetus! Anyway, I guess that is enough of rl.

I started playing WoW again about 2 weeks ago, puchased Legion and trying to play with old friends again. I think I might have to wait for summer to stay up until 4 am doing raids and dungeons again with my guild. For now this is all I can do to update you my favorite people in the whole world!