So about 6 years ago, we let this wonderful cat into our lives. He was the neighborhood street cat and we started feeding him. He came over everyday to eat some good dry food, but he never wanted to stay inside. We were about to move and didn’t want to leave him behind so we took him and made him a domestic cat against his will, but he loved it! He ate 3 times a day, had a fight here and there with out other cats, but we thought it was normal since he was always outside.

He loved talking to get us to pet him. Said hi when we came through the door and loved to do the nasty on top of my legs when I let him on the bed. He wanted to do it yesterday afternoon, but I didn’t let him and took him outside to the living room to lay back down on his couch. I feel bad now that I didn’t let him do it. 

I haven’t been feeling well with a head cold, so I went to sleep early. Next thing I know I hear my husband yell out to me and knock on the door that Papa is lying on the floor not moving. I went outside and my daughter with me. He was just lying there barely breathing. I didn’t know what to do. We held him until he left us.

As I am writing this, I am still feeling his loss. It is raining and he is buried in our back yard. He was such a lovable kitty. I am thinking he was a good 13 yrs old since he was old already when we took him in. I have never cried so much for a pet. I’ve had 3 previous pets die and none like this cat. I don’t know if it’s because he meowed to me the most, but not hearing his meows is going to be shocking in the morning when I go give the others their breakfast. 

I can’t sleep and writing this is helping a little, but still have tears running down my face. I don’t know what to do! Thank you for all the messages in advance and I am hoping that this post will help me calm down a little.

I will miss you big Papa!