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We lost our cat — March 6, 2017

We lost our cat

So about 6 years ago, we let this wonderful cat into our lives. He was the neighborhood street cat and we started feeding him. He came over everyday to eat some good dry food, but he never wanted to stay inside. We were about to move and didn’t want to leave him behind so we took him and made him a domestic cat against his will, but he loved it! He ate 3 times a day, had a fight here and there with out other cats, but we thought it was normal since he was always outside.

He loved talking to get us to pet him. Said hi when we came through the door and loved to do the nasty on top of my legs when I let him on the bed. He wanted to do it yesterday afternoon, but I didn’t let him and took him outside to the living room to lay back down on his couch. I feel bad now that I didn’t let him do it. 

I haven’t been feeling well with a head cold, so I went to sleep early. Next thing I know I hear my husband yell out to me and knock on the door that Papa is lying on the floor not moving. I went outside and my daughter with me. He was just lying there barely breathing. I didn’t know what to do. We held him until he left us.

As I am writing this, I am still feeling his loss. It is raining and he is buried in our back yard. He was such a lovable kitty. I am thinking he was a good 13 yrs old since he was old already when we took him in. I have never cried so much for a pet. I’ve had 3 previous pets die and none like this cat. I don’t know if it’s because he meowed to me the most, but not hearing his meows is going to be shocking in the morning when I go give the others their breakfast. 

I can’t sleep and writing this is helping a little, but still have tears running down my face. I don’t know what to do! Thank you for all the messages in advance and I am hoping that this post will help me calm down a little.

I will miss you big Papa!

Life and WoW — January 22, 2017

Life and WoW

Hello everyone! I have been going through some crazy stuff that I have made myself busy working and crocheting in spare time. I am stI’ll active on Twitter and I check Facebook at least 2ce a day to check up on my son. My baby, the one that I played Wow with for years, is in the Navy and away from home. My other baby, my daughter, is in H.S. and doing well with her ROTC group.

I have started going to the gym and I am just walking on a treadmill, but it is something. Three miles a day will help me get rid of weight and diabetus! Anyway, I guess that is enough of rl.

I started playing WoW again about 2 weeks ago, puchased Legion and trying to play with old friends again. I think I might have to wait for summer to stay up until 4 am doing raids and dungeons again with my guild. For now this is all I can do to update you my favorite people in the whole world!

Nothing much going on — October 15, 2015

Nothing much going on

So I have been so out of it lately, that not even playing has been an up for me. Behind on most of my gameplay, on that blanket I am supposed to finish, and in finding a job. Had an awesome birthday with a couple of friends and the family. I was wasted…but didn’t have that famous hang over the day after…which is good. Tried to play Wildstar, but my video card is I guess old, that I had to uninstall. Well let’s see…I’m sitting in front of the computer now, I’m going to attempt to play some #Warcraft now.

New Update — September 20, 2015

New Update

Hello everyone!

I have had an interesting couple of months. I went to visit my dad in Orlando, before he left to Puerto Rico. While I visited my dad and was feeling like crap because of gallstones, we went to Universal and Island of Adventures. Had a great time there, even though the last day I was again feeling like crap. Loved visiting Harry Potter Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley. I felt like a little kid with all of the Harry Potter magic around me.

This month we went to see the USA v Peru game in DC. We were there for a couple of days….the drive was crazy with three ppl driving, but it was an amazing time. We visited the the monuments and the day we were leaving, we went to visit an amazing friend who is going to be riding from Boston to New York in Cycle for the Cause. He was at work, but even still he is awesome!image




I’m back to looking for work and it is not fun! Not playing WoW as much again, not doing my crocheting like I’m supposed to, and I have a husband driving me crazy again. How do I stay sane?

Well that’s all for now, but you know what’s going on through Twitter! And I’m ashamed because it has been a week and I’m posting it now. To add to this post, I am very proud of @GhemitHunts and his commitment to cycle for the fight against AIDS.

A Little Bit of Everything — July 8, 2015

A Little Bit of Everything

So I have been back to WoW for a month or so and I have to say that I like Draenor and try to keep myself busy. I have only gotten to do one Dungeon and a few times have I been to Ashran since the waiting time was less than 45 minutes.

I am mostly doing dailies and missions. I do go out in the world and try my luck with dying in the hands of the Horde. I do succeed at it….LOL! Thinking about it, these Horde toons I have need to be leveled up. See you somewhere in Azeroth!

Life is crap — July 4, 2015

Life is crap

So I know I was going to try to keep up with my posts every week, but I sick at writing about things.

I am tired of sucking at things. I sick at being a wife, being a mom, and work. That’s Just my point of view.

Tonight was a rough night for me. I was taking a nap/trying to sleep since I’m not feeling well when I hear my husband yelling aty 17 y/o son for stupid shit. I am very proud of my son because he wants to serve our country and join The Marines, but my husband or shall I say my roommate, got home a little drunk and started telling my son how his nephew quit the Marines because his grandmother passed away about a month or two ago and let his career go to waste.
My son who has a big heart, but doesn’t let anyone mess with him, was telling his father how he shouldn’t be a jerk and stop telling him things that he knows he won’t do. As a mother the least I want to hear is them fighting let alone his father saying when you leave don’t come back to this house.
I recently stopped working because I fell at work and this person I am married to made me file a lawsuit against the company I worked for. I enjoyed my job, although sometimes I didn’t feel like dealing with the drama there. Well I just stopped working two weeks ago and I haven’t had to ask this person for money to pay my bills, yet somehow it is a threat that I am not working and it needs to be thrown in my face that I am not producing any money when I have nothing to do with the bills he has to pay. I wrap my head in WoW because it is the only place I can go to…to get away from the bullshit I have to deal with here, with mental stress that he puts me through.
I have cried and I want to cry some more, but I don’t want my kids to know that I am depressed for stupid crap because they know I am strong and I can get through this. So many things in my life and so many limitations, I need more strength!

Until next time peeps!

Almost back on track — June 2, 2015
I’m such a boring person — March 27, 2015
New Beginnings — January 23, 2015

New Beginnings

I don’t know why I called the post New Beginnings, but I think part of the reason is that I will be more committed to my gaming and posting my achievements as the days go by. It is difficult for me to write every week, but part of it all is the effort I put into it….specially since I finally finished my last class and soon will be getting my diploma!
Will be writing soon!


Party Is Over — October 9, 2014

Party Is Over

So September has come and gone, and so has my daughter’s party. We had lots of fun and most important she had fun.


That’s my princess! She was looking beautiful!


That’s us!
But enough about that!

I have been logging on to WoW for the past couple of days and playing an hour here and there. It’s nice to be questing again and getting my Horde Monk closer to 90 before the xpac. Then again,  I have to work on trying to get a Legendary cloak for my main.

Other than that real life has been taking over and I have not been able to even try Heroes of the Storm Alpha. Anyway that is all for this past month. I am trying to make this a regular blog, but every time I try to post, something comes up. We’ll see how the posts come along this month!