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Life after New Year’s — February 3, 2014

Life after New Year’s

     So it’s been a bit crazy around here in my life. Last time I suspected the husband cheating and we had a long talk and he says no, should I believe him, gee I don’t know. Since then it got so bad that I have been going crazy applying for jobs left and right while loosing myself in World Of Warcraft; my escape from real life problems. Still the whole issue of him not cheating has ruined things enough, that sometimes we can’t even have a conversation without fighting. Right now, things look like they are all fine and shiny, but inside I feel like there is nothing there anymore and I am holding it together for the kids. Yes, I know that I shouldn’t be in it for the kids, but just a couple of more years; I keep telling myself. But enough with that…now some WoW!

     I have leveled up my Druid which I had left at 68 and is now 76. The Monk is 64 and a Warlock that is 13, which I am putting on standby for now until I hit 90 on the Druid. I have made some awesome friends on Twitter and I hope that it keeps going because this community is the best! All of them are worth following and I feel blessed that they are part of my Internet life. To those of you that actually read this blog, I thank you! Thank you because my life can get boring and you are still reading! Those that don’t…it’s okay, I don’t hold it against anyone of you. Same love!

Until next time!