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Update Post — July 28, 2014

Update Post

Hello and welcome everyone! 

I have been quite busy with this party that we are having for my daughter’s 15th bday. We opened up a business to clean restaurants and waking up at 4 am to go do that job has been a bit tiring. That’s in addition to our regular jobs. This coming week we start all the practices for the party and well I am let’s say pooped! I do play WoW on days that I don’t have to go to my regular job and I am starting class soon. I can’t wait to finish this Bachelor’s Degree that I have put on hold for the past year and a half. Well going back to WoW, I have been working on raising the rep for the Water Strider mount with The Anglers and I have also been doing old content with the guildies for my main Martiinna. The next 90 is going to be Jazzminz on Thrall, I need to get her up there so that I can raid with the guildies in Trauma II!


As soon as I have more to write about I will do so!

For now…….see you soon!